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    Qualitative Research Tools

    Tools Used in Qualitative Research

    Brandman institute constantly invest in developing and implementing new tools and creative analysis methods to overcome certain barriers (rationalizations, social acceptance, stereotypes), and enable usage with innovative marketing thinking processes.

    Projection Tools

     Animals                                                       Collages 


    Variety of Other Exercises

    Analogies (to relationships, worlds, shapes etc)

    Mapping exercises

    Questioning methods (drill)

    And more...


    Analysis Tools

    Recognizing a system of needs

    A variety of tools which unravel a spectrum of needs: emotional, experiential, social and functional.


    After the needs recognition, there are several different models for mapping the needs:

    1. Mapping the needs on axis.

    2. Mapping the needs with a pyramid based on physical and emotional experience.

    3. Analysis using TA model – Transactional Analysis (analogy to relationships).