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    Quantitative Research Methods

    Quantitative Research Methods

    Strategic ResearchesMeant to locate opportunities and threats for new or existing brands, by looking into the marketing mix, needs, motives, usage opportunities, perceptions and barriers. These researches are usually qualitative and quantitative combined.

    Brand's Assets ResearchMeant to test the brand's strength in comparison to other similar brands, while taking to consideration: consumption, loyalty, position (by buyers and non-buyers).

    Segmentation ResearchMeant to categorize different sections by a variety of parameters. First phase is categorizing needs in general. And second is sectioning the population according to these needs.

    Satisfaction ResearchMeant to test satisfaction in three levels: functionally, authority wise and energetically. All done using TA model.

    Probe Research for Assessing New MarketsMeant for primary categorization of the marked in penetration capabilities, consumption depth, using habits and loyalty to different brands. From the primary categorization and the new product's concept the new product's/market's potential is estimated.

    Concepts/Packages Test ResearchMeant to assess the effectiveness and help choose a selection out of number of possibilities. The research is taking place face-to-face in the institute's office, usually integrated with accelerated groups.

    Covert Research – Meant to assess the level of service given to the client.

    Omnibus Research A weekly omni-phone survey is done in the general population. It includes 500 men and women at the age of 18+, done each week in Hebrew.Advertising Efficacy Research – see Visibility Index.

    On-Site ResearchMeant to assess the client's behavior when visiting the sale site. The research locates the brand's weaknesses and strengths and shelf placing.