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    Interviewers Department

    Interviewers Department

    We believe that a successful research is based first and foremost on excellent field work. That is why we invest great resources in promoting the interviewers quality and constantly checking their work.

    The interviewers department has:

    >> Departmant manager, and 3 shift managers - At least 2 on each shift.

    >> Pool of 60 phone interviewers – most of them permanent with wide experience with the CATI system.

    >> Interviewers in different languages (Hebrew, Arab, Russian) in order to conduct surveys for different sectors.

    >> 30 Interviewer stations (CATI).

    >> Cross country spread of interviewers for face-to-face surveys in different parts of the country.

    Excellence standards:

    >> CATI questionnaires pass a number of tests in order to make sure that all conditions, skippings and logic of the questioner are correct. The tests are run by the researcher and by the shift managers as well.

    >> Test pilots for every project, before the shift begins, for length and last check up.

    >> Every field (face-to-face) research questionnaire is carefully proofread before printing and sending.

    >> A full brief is passed to both interviewers and shift managers for every questionnaire.

    >> Three types of listening controls are done during the shifts.

    >> Feedback forms are filled about the surveys by the shift managers.

    >> Constant watch on developments in quotas according to the sample's rules.

    >> The interviewers participate in special workshops designed to enhance the responding rate and the interviews quality. Among the workshops: resistance handling, how to interview correctly, attitude etc.

    Client relations:

    The client is welcome to receive any information relating the survey's conduct:

    >> Access to the survey and interviewers by listening and conversation.

    >> Access to reports on projects development.

    >> Reports on problems in the surveys for quick resolution.