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    Brandman Institute Qualitative Department

    Brandman Institute's qualitative department gives its clients the cutting edge in marketing thinking through every step of the project, from planning to execution, analysis and interpretation.

    Our 6 researchers' team has diverse social-studies academic background: social and clinical psychology, integrative management, communications and business administration. Our team offers a wide variety of research methods: focus groups, in-depth interviews, anthropological researches, all of which give both tactical and strategic solutions.

    The qualitative department is matchless in its professional abilities to perform researches in the wide population and also in dealing with smaller sectors, such as: Arabs, New immigrates, Orthodox Jews, youth, doctors etc. The groups' guidance will be provided based on the customers' needs in all languages and with the appropriate simultaneous translation.

    Our researchers constantly invest in developing and implementing new tools and creative analysis methods to overcome certain barriers (rationalizations, social acceptance, stereotypes). These tools developed in our company can unravel a spectrum of needs: emotional, experiential, social and functional.

    The team picks the appropriate tools from the variety of projection sensitive tools developed inside the institute for each research's specific goals. Tools such as: collage pictures picked by the participants, humanization of products, the product as an analogy for an animal etc. All in order to receive deep emotional feedback and better understanding of the customer's decision making patterns in the non-verbal level.