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    Brandman Institute operates an advanced system for the performance of web-surveys througout the Internet. This tool utilizes the advantages of the web as an efficient medium for testing videos, concepts, visual materials, and for performing surveys among client's customers.

    A survey invitation is sent straight to the recipients' personal E-mail boxes, so that the recipients can enter the questionnaire whenever convenient for them. We operate a large survey-participants panel, which allows fast accessibility to many recipients from different sectors, based on comprehensive demographic profile.

    The system is secured and allows only one-time passward-proteceted entrance for each recipient, to ensure the quality of the results.

    The andvantages of the web as a survey medium:
    >> Quick access to a variety of target populations.
    >> Recipients respond on their free time, whenever convinient for them.
    >> Integration of images, video and audio into the questionnaire.