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    AIM was launched April 2008 and was enthusiastically received by profssionals and clients, who see it as a breakthrough in advertising-effectiveness measurement.
    AIM is the next generation replacing Visibility Index, developed in Brandman Institute.

    AIM examines advertising effectiveness and its various components:
    Exposure: visibility, affiliation with the brand.
    Efficiency compared with the advertising budget.
    Reaction to advertising: likeability, message comprehension, perceived credibility and relevance, and their reasons.
    Effect on brand - the change generated by the advertising in brand perception and in the willingness to use it.

    Why AIM ?

    AIM includes all Israeli television campaigns that reached the index entrance threshld (defined by minimum hight of investment in the campaign).

    AIM is the only tool which accurately examines the change generated by the advertising using an innovative algorithm (submitted for patent registration) in one test, after the advertising. It isolates interfering factors of campaigns and of brand and competitive simultaneous marketing operations, and is clean of various sample deviations.

    Our accumulated database enables benchmarks based on more than 4000 campaigns tested since 2005.

    Significant Useful Information
      >  Produces significant and practicable insights, thanks to full
          analysis of the reactions to advertising and its effect.

    Client Oriented
      >  Simple and user-friendly tool, gives a full and concise picture -
          saves time for the manager.
      >  Adaptable to the client's requirements.

      >  Integration of barometer and effectiveness.
      >  Avoids double test "before".

    For additional information please contact us.